ISRA announces SCREENSCAN-RD glass inspection sensor |

ISRA announces SCREENSCAN-RD glass inspection sensor

August 092016
ISRA announces SCREENSCAN-RD glass inspection sensor

August 9, 2016 - With SCREENSCAN-RD (Reflected Distortion) offered by ISRA VISION, it is possible to objectively assess the reflection quality of curved automotive glass. As such, the system makes it possible to leave behind manual inspection processes. With its functions, based on patented no-contact measuring processes, SCREENSCAN-RD is designed guarantee the production of highly attractive automotive windshields without flaws.

Processes specifically developed by ISRA and based on stereo deflec-tometry can be used to evaluate the reflective optics of windshields, rear windows and side window panes. The system allows for a meas-uring accuracy into the milli-dioptric range. Instead of the surface height, it calculates the glass curvature, irrespective of the angle of vision. This data can be used to satisfy the demands that are required of a multi-functional windshield: Camera-assist ranges and head-up display can only be applied properly with a consistent level of quality. Moreover, in order for a windshield wiper to work efficiently, a flawless curvature is necessary; this can only be achieved with continuous in-spection and process optimization.

ISRA equips SCREENSCAN-RD with intelligent tools. It starts with a target-actual comparative feature against CAD data, and is followed by an evaluation option to compare critical values and relevant regions. Even a simulation using known grid processes is defined in the soft-ware. Tools for data analysis round off the range of additional functions: The system continuously records quality data, which is visualized and compiled in log files. Manufacturers are given information which they can use for process optimization and the opportunity to prove the quality of their products to end customers.

SCREENSCAN-RD is a solution that offers an objective and quantifia-ble assessment of the aesthetic characteristics of automotive glass. Its optical 3D inline measuring process guarantees glass manufacturers productivity and consistent quality.