ISRA VISION introduces Area Profile Scanner 3D system |

ISRA VISION introduces Area Profile Scanner 3D system

January 312018
ISRA VISION introduces Area Profile Scanner 3D system

January 31, 2018 - With a new and pioneering mix of technologies and measuring methods using 3D point cloud technology, the Area Profile Scanner 3D  all-round system combines 3D robot guidance and 3D inline measurement.

The Area Profile Scanner 3D offers a combination of stereometry, triangulation and different types of illumination according to the specific application: a random pattern illumination of a multi-line illumination. The random pattern illumination delivers the necessary local reference points in a single shot. Object recognition can therefore be handled on the fly without any blurring. For precise scans, the multi-line illumination captures structures three-dimensionally.

The gathered data is aggregated to a point cloud and – thanks to an on-board PC – is also available in STL format for fast CAD comparison. Thanks to automated data meshing, complex surfaces can be depicted thoroughly, capturing features including plains and boreholes. Particularly for inline measurement, the APS3D offers a teach-in of targets to measure: with just a few clicks, new edges, gaps or holes can be defined. With an integrated evaluation software, the system delivers exact numeric measurement results out of the three-dimensional images.

As a part of ISRA’s Touch & Automate portfolio, the sensor will be equipped with WiFi and thus able to connect with other sensors und a shared database. Within this sensor network, the deployed systems will be able to cooperate on complete extensive measurement tasks, while also being able to immediately deliver comprehensive aggregated information for process analysis. Users can directly access these data through structured reports.