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IVC announces APTZ-3045-04 Div 1 video camera

September 112015
IVC announces APTZ-3045-04 Div 1 video camera

September 11, 2015 – Industrial Video & Control (IVC) announces APTZ-3045-04 of Class I Division 1 certified industrial video camera, designed and certified for hazardous environments. The camera offers low-light performance in difficult, outdoor conditions.

Devices classified as Class I Division 1 must also be intrinsically safe, incapable of causing ignition of a mixture of flammable or combustible material.. The APTZ-3045-04 was tested and certified by Intertek.

The APTZ-3045-04 is a rugged, high-resolution, analog, color video camera and includes an optical zoom ratio of 36x. This pan-tilt-zoom camera is housed in a Class I Division 1-rated stainless-steel enclosure.

When used with IVC’s Relay Server or Longwatch camera management software, the camera becomes part of a comprehensive process and safety monitoring system. IVC's software includes features to integrate camera video with SCADA systems in place.


“The APTZ-3045-04 gives our petrochemical customers an extremely cost-effective Class I Division 1 PTZ camera,” said Norm Fast, IVC's CEO. “Our certified cameras are used for monitoring pipelines, drilling operations, and production facilities. These cameras are also being used successfully in the aerospace and other industries.”

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