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IVC introduces FV-3532-4 hydrocarbon leak detection video camera

October 282015
IVC introduces FV-3532-4 hydrocarbon leak detection video camera

October 28, 2015 – Industrial Video & Control introduces FV-3532-4 hydrocarbon leak detection video camera that incorporates algorithms to detect pipeline and tank leakages of a variety of hydrocarbon products including propane, gasoline, and diesel.

The camera is comprised of a thermal imaging sensor and a fixed view optical imager. The thermal imager detects leaks of hydrocarbon fluids and high-pressure gases. When a leak is detected within a user-defined zone, a contact closure is activated to generate an immediate alarm. IVC’s camera management software can be used to manage these alarms and communicate them to a SCADA or DCS system using industrial protocols such as OPC or Modbus. The camera’s optical imager provides users improved operational awareness and is used by the system to mitigate false alarms.

The camera is designed to be an integral component of an LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) system. It works with IVC’s full line of video management software offerings including IVC’s Longwatch camera management software – to provide a comprehensive leak detection solution.

The camera is housed in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure making it suitable for use in a wide range of weather conditions. A camera mount provides for multi-axis adjustment.

“Detecting hydrocarbon leaks before they cause harm to workers, remote assets, and the environment is critically important to our customers who manufacture and distribute liquid and gas hydrocarbon products,” said Norm Fast, CEO of IVC. “This second generation leak detection camera makes it possible for personnel to remotely identify a leak in its earliest stage.”

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