JOT Automation announces Product Identification products |

JOT Automation announces Product Identification products

November 252014
JOT Automation announces Product Identification products

November 25, 2014 - JOT Automation announces JOT Scanner Unit SCU-439 and Fail Separation Unit FMM-440 for automated test lines and any process equipment that needs product identification data or if there is a need to mark/separate faulty products after the process.
SCU-439 and FMM-440 provide a reliable solution for both product traceability and code reading. Identification occurs by reading codes such as 2D, 3D, RFID, etc. Additionally, the systems can separate failed products from the line immediately after testing or mark them for manual failed product handling, which happens later in the process.
SCU-439 and FMM-440 provide multiple options that ensure solutions to best fit a user’s current needs. For added flexibility, machine functionality can be adjusted by sales options, which are modules that are selected based on current need, e.g. axis (topside, bottom-side, dual, none) or lift (integrated, external or none). Modules can be added or changed later, allowing machine functionality to be fine-tuned for future needs. Additionally, new products can be configured off-line and imported to a production line machine, minimizing production stops.
Up to 200 different customer products can be configured and saved, making product changeover extremely fast, just 10-20 seconds. Both also have the ability to read up to 25 codes per product, on either a top- or bottom-side location.
SCU-439 sends code data through RS232 or Ethernet to the next process unit that needs the identification. FMM-440 receives product-related PASS/FAIL data from process equipment via an Ethernet connection and saves the information in a local data table. Further, FMM-440 marks failed products with temporary stickers or separate the PASS and FAIL products by routing them to a different conveyor level. SCU-439 and FMM-440 meet CE and IPC-SMEMA-9851 standards.