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JVL announces MIS23 QuickStep NEMA23 stepper motors

October 282015
JVL announces MIS23 QuickStep NEMA23 stepper motors

October 28, 2015 - JVL announces MIS23 QuickStep NEMA23 stepper motors that have NEMA 23 flange dimensions of 57x57 mm and are available in three models with rated torques of: 1.1 Nm (MIS231), 1.6 Nm (MIS232), 2.5 Nm (MIS234) (1000 RPM @ 48VDC).

To reduce cost and protect against electrical noise many of the control and communication functions have been integrated with the motor in a housing designed to provide IP42, IP55 or IP65 protection, and eliminating the need for running control and communication cables. Different PCBs (modules) can be mounted within the housing to create an automation/motion control system that is easy to incorporate into new and existing applications.

Among the many features that can be integrated are: Pulse/direction driver, serial RS485 position controller with easy graphical programming, point-to-point or multiaxis operation up to 255 axes on the same RS485 bus, CANOpen DS-301 and DSP-402, optional absolute singleturn magnetic encoder with resolution of up to 1024 pulses/revolution for stall detection, 8 I/O that can be configured as input, output or 10bit analogue input, electronic gearing for following an encoder or pulse train in an arbitrarily selectable controlled ratio, high speed position capture.

The MIS23 Series of stepper motors follows the same protocol as MAC motors so that MAC motors and QuickStep motors can be connected to the same RS485 bus, and a double voltage-supply available so that position and parameters are maintained during emergency stop. They also feature: Fixed 1600 pulses/revolution for version with built-in position controller, 200, 400, 800, 1000, or 1600 pulses/revolution for versions with pulse/direction inputs.

All modules are supplied with M12 connectors. MIS23 QuickStep motors require a power supply of 12-48V DC. Backlash-free and planetary gears in different ratios can also be supplied. Additionally the Quickstep series also includes larger versions like the MIS34 (NEMA 34), MIS43 (NEMA 43), and MIS51 (NEMA 51) with even more options, such as Ethernet.