Knick introduces BL 510 signal converter |

Knick introduces BL 510 signal converter

November 202014
Knick introduces  BL 510 signal converter

November 20, 2014 - Knick introduces  BL 510 signal converter isolation amplifier in a 6 mm DIN rail housing.  BL 510 converts standard signals to the required unit of measurement. Galvanic three-port isolation ensures reliable isolation of input, output, and auxiliary power supply potentials, which prevents measurement errors or distortion.

The device features a calibrated range selection function that makes manual adjustments unnecessary. Users can select any combination of 0/4-20 mA and 10 V signals for input and output. Furthermore, DIP switches allow for easy configuration while being protected against accidental setting changes.

As an additional benefit, the isolator has a low power dissipation, enabling high packing density and ensuring a long product lifetime. The BL 510 is CE-compliant and UL-certified. Knick provides a three-year warranty for the device.