Knick introduces PTFE SensoGate retractable fittings |

Knick introduces PTFE SensoGate retractable fittings

August 122015
Knick introduces PTFE SensoGate retractable fittings

August 12, 2015 - Knick introduces PTFE SensoGate WA 132/133 retractable fittings for measuring pH, conductivity or oxygen in chemically highly aggressive process media.

All in-process parts and the calibration chambers devices are made from PTFE, which features an extremely high chemical resistance. The material also has anti-adhesive properties and good hot water resistance. SensoGate is suited for 225 mm standard or 250 mm liquid-filled sensors with PG 13.5 threads.

The modular design significantly simplifies initial assembly as well as the replacement of wear parts, e.g. the PTFE immersion tube is easily replaced in a few simple steps. Thanks to the divided calibration chambers, the gaskets can quickly and easily be replaced in the course of maintenance procedures. During probe movement, the patented lock-gate system with internal O-rings prevents leakage of process media.

Due to a protective rinsing, the medium cannot penetrate the space between the immersion tube and O-rings. This leads to a significantly reduced wear of the seals and increases the availability of the measuring point. Effective sensor cleaning is ensured by highly efficient cyclone rinsing. The SensoGate versions are available as WA 132 and WA 133 pneumatic fittings for use with the fully automatic Unical 9000 system or with other controller models.

In addition, Knick offers the SensoGate WA 133 M for manual operation. The sensors are all-purpose with two immersion depths of 225 mm or 450 mm. They can be integrated into the process via DIN EN 1092-1 flanges starting from DN 32, ANSI B 16.5 flanges starting from 1,5'' or collar bushings for sight-glass fittings as per DIN 3237 part 2 from DN 40.