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Kollmorgen adds vented connector for AKMH Motors

Kollmorgen adds vented connector for AKMH Motors

March 25, 2016 - Kollmorgen developed a vented connector for AKMH motors. The AKMH hygienic servomotor is designed for long life and trouble-free operation in the most challenging environments – such as daily exposure to chemicals and high-pressure wash-downs.

One of the keys to AKMH’s durability is the integrated pressure equalization feature. A hybrid power/feedback cable incorporates a tube that allows the motor’s internal pressure to equalize with the electrical cabinet of the connected drive.

Kollmorgen’s test data showed that internal pressure of a sealed AKMH during a thermal cycle ranges from -5.5 to +6.0 PSI. Allowing high pressure to occur inside the motor can cause premature failure of the motor’s seals and result in the failure of the motor due to water ingress in a wash-down application, so the venting of a motor in a wash-down environment is critical. Kollmorgen considered several solutions to reduce internal motor pressure, eventually holding a design event that resulted in the development of the innovative new vented connector. The winning design meets several key criteria:

o Maintains the venting feature of the AKMH

o Maintains IP69K rating of the motor and cable

o Maintains hygienic features of the motor

o Maintains caustic wash-down ratings of the motor and cable

The vented connector assembly is applied to the end of the cable that exits the AKMH motor, allowing the motor to vent at the connection point while maintaining the IP69K rating. (Venting is not required beyond this connection point.) This allows the use of either a wash-down mating cable, if the cable is continuing through a wash-down zone, or a non-wash-down cable if the connection point is placed outside of the wash-down area.