Lanner announces VES Computer-On-Modules |

Lanner announces VES Computer-On-Modules

Lanner announces VES Computer-On-Modules

July 30, 2014 - The VES-220 (type2) and the VES-270 (type 6) are highly integrated Computer-On-Modules (COM) that support system expansion and application-specific customizations. These two CPU modules are designed to work with the evaluation boards the VES-8X2 and the VES-8X6 respectively. They each complement the other, making available two embedded solutions that are highly customizable and flexible.

Both CPU modules are COM Express R2.0 compatible with basic form factor (125mm x 95mm). The core functionalities are CPU based. The VES-220 comes with the Intel Atom D2550 dual-core CPU, known for its 15W low-power consumption. The VES-270, on the other hand, is built with the Intel Core i7/i3 “Ivy Bridge” CPUs (i3-3120ME or the i7-3517UE), designed for computing tasks that require high CPU usage, ensuring there is no slow-down or hiccups in system performance.

Application-specific features are developed using evaluation boards such as the VES-8X2 and the VES-8X6, via the interface connectors for peripherals including storage, Ethernet, keyboard/mouse, display and PCI, PCI-express extension function.

Such COM + baseboard design is modular and it shortens time required for product development by allowing systems integrators to focus on how core competencies and unique functions should be integrated for a compact and high performance system; this modular approach greatly enhances productivity and significantly reduces products’ time-to-market.