Lanner introduces LEC-3013T DIN rail-mounted gateway |

Lanner introduces LEC-3013T DIN rail-mounted gateway

Lanner introduces LEC-3013T DIN rail-mounted gateway

June 25, 2014 - Lanner announces LEC-3013T, a DIN rail-mounted industrial communications gateway with extended operating temperatures. LEC-3013T is available in three SKUs, each with different I/O options, but all are equipped with not only 15kV ESD/surge protection for the serial COM ports but also 1.5 kV magnetic isolation protection for the Ethernet ports.

The LEC-3013T is based on the Atom D525 CPU and features a new chassis, allowing normal operation over a wide range of temperatures, from -40 to 70 degree Celsius.The LEC-3013T can be either DIN railed or wall-mounted; its I/O options include a VGA display output and 4, 6, or 8 serial COM ports. The surge and ESD protections are crucial to making the LEC-3013T a robust IPC for power and energy applications such as renewable energy gateway, power substation gateway and smart meter gateway.

By removing the fan, the most failure-prone component in all computing devices from the LEC-3013T, Lanner aims to reduce this appliances’ downtime for maintenance while at the same time extending its availability for critical uses. What’s more, powered by Intel’s Atom D525 CPU, the LEC-3013T is capable of offering the kind of computing power demanded by almost all communications and control applications while keeping power consumption and heat production to an absolute minimum.

The LEC-3013T is available in three SKUs with different I/O options:
1.    LEC-3013T-A4 - Intel Atom D525 CPU, 4 x GbE, 4 x COM ports
2.    LEC-3013T-A6 - Intel Atom D525 CPU, 4 x GbE, 6 x COM ports
3.    LEC-3013T-A8 - Intel Atom D525 CPU, 2 x GbE, 8 x COM ports

The LEC-3013T is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP Embedded and Linux 2.6
1.    Support for DIN-rail and wall-mount
2.    Wide temperature range (-40~70°C)
3.    Onboard Intel Atom D525 CPU with ICH8M chipset
4.    4, 6, or 8 serial COM ports with ESD and surge protection
5.    2 or 4 Intel GbE LAN ports with magnetic isolation protection
6.    Fanless design with corrugated aluminum
7.    Intel 82574L & 82583V LAN controller
8.    Support for DDR3 memory (Max. 4GB)