Laser scanner makes it blue |

Laser scanner makes it blue

September 242015
Laser scanner makes it blue

The scanCONTROL 26xx/BL and 29xx/BL models offer the same excellent features as the recently launched scanCONTROL 26xx and 29xx series that use a red laser diode. The entire control technology is integrated in an extremely compact design, enabling their application in complex machines where there may be little space for mounting of sensors. Profile frequencies of up to 4,000 Hz enable the sensors to be used in high speed applications, for example, in the measurement of rail tracks on moving trains. Different measuring ranges are available from 25 mm to 265 mm in the z-axis (distance) as well as to 143.5 mm in the x-axis (laser line length). Output of measurement data is via Ethernet (UDP, Modbus) or serial interface (RS422, Modbus). In addition, analogue signals or digital switch signals can be output via an output unit.


The scanCONTROL 26xx/BL and 29xx/BL blue laser profile scanners are ideally suited to the following applications and materials:

-          Red-hot glowing metals: The red glow normally “dazzles” red profile scanners, but blue scanners are unaffected.

-          (Semi-) transparent materials: Due to the short wavelength, the blue laser line penetrates significantly less into the surface than the red laser.

-          Organic materials: Slight penetration behaviour of blue laser results in higher measurement accuracy.