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Laser Surface Velocimeters

February 232016

Polytec is the leading global manufacturer for non-contact, laser based vibration and velocity measurement instrumentation. With more than 20 years of experience in the metals industry, Polytec’s innovative solutions are proudly made and fully assembled in Germany.

Australian Partner for Laser Surface Velocimeters

As the Australian partner, our engineering services team will design and implement a customised solution to suit your unique requirements and budget.

Polytec Laser Surface Velocimeters (LSV) measure the speed and length of moving surfaces accurately and without contact on coils, strips, tubes, fibre, film, paper, foil, composite lumber and almost any other moving material, including hot steel.

The LSV's are specially designed to deliver precise and reliable measurements for advanced process control, process optimisation, improved quality and increased yield, whilst withstanding continuous performance in harsh environments.


Superior Precision & Instrumentational Excellence

Precision speed and length measurements are critical for optimising production processes. Proper utilisation of these measurements can lead to lower production costs and higher product quality.

Polytec LSV’s are a better choice than traditional contact wheel encoders, providing superior precision, lower maintenance costs, fast return on investment (ROI) and plug-in compatibility.

  • High measurement accuracy of < 0,05% of length and velocity, with stable accuracy under the toughest environmental conditions, such as steam, fog and heat radiation.
  • Broad range of stand-off distances with 200, 300, 500, 700, 1,000 and 1,500mm, enabling flexible mechanical integration into standard and customer specific installations.
  • Large depth of field from a minimum of +/- 15 mm to a maximum of +/- 70 mm, so that changes of material thickness and cross section do not require a re-adjustment of the sensor.
  • Measurement output at a rate of 1,000/s allows dynamical measuring and fast response to velocity jumps, which is especially important for fast production processes.
  • The clearly visible red laser dot is immediately recognised by operators, improving safety.
  • Operating temperatures of up to 45°C without additional cooling, and up to 200°C with suitable cooling equipment. The LSV can measure the speed of glowing steel with scaling, up to 1,100°C.
  • Broad range of standard and optional interfaces for easy integration and connectivity: Ethernet, RS-422, encoder output (configurable), digital inputs / outputs (control signals / status information), Profibus, Profinet & Analogue Output.

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Industrial Length & Speed Control Solutions

The best testament to Polytec’s performance are the numerous successful LSV applications from all around the world. These links will take you directly to the Polytec website for customer case studies.


Cut-to-Length Control
Cut to length in hot and cold environments, flying saws and extruders.

Part Length Measurement
Goods in pieces, such as, gypsum and paper board, timber and metal sheets.

Spool Length
Cable, wire, fibre, woven and non-woven fabrics, corrugated paper and foils.


Speed Measurement
Speed measurement in cold and hot rolling mills.

Differential Speed Measurement
Speed ratio measurement on strip skin pass and temper mills, tension and levelling lines and mass flow.

Speed Synchronisation
Slippage detection, synchronisation of casters and lamination processes.

Applications & Technical Resources

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