Lensation Introduces TC5M Telecentric lenses

November 022011
Lensation Introduces TC5M Telecentric lenses

November 2, 2011 - Lensation's TC5M series consists of telecentric lenses for tasks with high requirements on precision. Designed for 2/3" CCD sensors with a 5 megapixel resolution, the lenses are available as various models for large working distances of 110, 130 and 150 mm. They are especially suited for inspection and measuring tasks with varying distances to the camera where conventional lenses would provide different results depending on the distance.

Telecentric lenses enable users to greatly improve the measuring accuracy. On the object side and/or on the image side, they create an optical path parallel to the optical axis. Object-space telecentric lenses are used to detect objects without any perspective distortion. This requires a front lens that is at least as big as the object to be measured. Moreover, the magnification does not change when the object is moved on the optical axis. Therefore, the resulting image will always be the same size regardless of the distance to the object. It will, however, be out of focus when the object is moved outside of the ideal object plane. Measurement lenses use this characteristic to allow for a certain tolerance regarding the distance and position of the parts to be measured. The TC5M series provides extremely low distortion along with a very high resolution, thereby opening up new possibilities for users in metrology applications.

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