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Logic Supply introduces ML100G-31 fanless NUC

December 082017
Logic Supply introduces ML100G-31 fanless NUC

December 8, 2017 - For more than 14 years, Logic Supply has been developing computer hardware for applications. The company announced their latest fanless NUC, the ML100G-31. This system joins Logic Supply's ML100 Series of fanless NUC computers, and is powered by Intel's new Dawson Canyon motherboard.  

The ML100G-31 offers a range of upgraded features. The Kaby Lake Core i3 processor offers benchmarked numbers similar in performance to the previous generation i5, while maintaining the same power consumption. The Dawson Canyon industrial NUC from Logic Supply will also soon be 4G capable. Other upgrades from previous NUC offerings include the Intel HD Graphics chipset for dual monitor and 4K support and options for adding special I/O such as DIO and Terminal Block Power.

As the fourth member of the ML100 family, the ML100G-31 uses Logic Supply's proven HardShell Fanless Technology to passively cool the device in computing environments across a range of industries from manufacturing and automation, to industrial digital signage, logistics and even remote security and surveillance.