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LOYTEC releases Glass L-VIS Touch Panels

LOYTEC releases Glass L-VIS Touch Panels

March 9, 2015 - LOYTEC releases Glass L-VIS Touch Panels.  Available in 7” and 15” sizes, the glass surface provides a high-quality, modern appearance. The capacitive touch sensor allows for operation without any pressure on the surface. Because of the glass surface without any corners and edges, the glass L-VIS is perfectly suitable for use in clean rooms or hygienically demanding areas. Glass fronts for 15" devices (LVIS-3ME15-Gx) can be ordered in silver, black, and white. The 7" touch panels (LVIS-3ME7-Gx) are available in silver and black.

The devices are equipped with an RS-485 port for BACnet MS/TP and a LonMark TP/FT-10 port, for connection to BACnet and LON networks. Via RS-485, either BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU can be connected. BACnet/IP, LonMark IP852, and Modbus TCP are supported via Ethernet/IP. The devices are optically and mechanically identical with the previous devices and the software is backward compatible with both existing BACnet and LON projects. The merging of BACnet and LON models with simultaneous backward compatibility with existing projects simplifies many processes, from purchase, storage, and configuration, to maintenance of the devices in the field. The devices can also be used as drop-in substitute for current installations. Another new feature is the support of WLAN by connecting the L-VIS Touch Panel to the LWAN-800 Interface.