Mantracourt announces DSCUSB-PT potentiometer input module |

Mantracourt announces DSCUSB-PT potentiometer input module

August 252016
Mantracourt announces DSCUSB-PT potentiometer input module

August 25, 2016 - Mantracourt announced the launch of an accurate and reliable high-performance potentiometer input module. The new DSCUSB-PT plug and play USB device has been designed to convert resistance-based input into digital output for measurements.

This introduction to Mantracourt’s range of signal converters can be used with resistance based sensors to indicate position, rotation, angle and depth and is particularly suited to applications such as displacement measurement and angular measurement that require accuracy. The DSCUSB-PT connects directly to a PC and, using the Toolkit software, data can be extracted from the linear potentiometer input.

DSCUSB-PT features 7-point linearization and optional temperature compensation. The output is factory calibrated from between 0 – 100% but this can be scaled by the user or a systems integrator to output engineering units. Mantracourt’s 24 channel logging software enables up to 24 DSCUSB devices to be monitored and data logged. An additional feature enables OEM level configuration and calibration to be saved and restored.

To complement the DSCUSB-PT, Mantracourt offers its free DSCUSB Toolkit software. This software for Windows enables users to carry out a host of actions via an intuitive and icon-based navigation system. With instructions and interactive elements, users can configure, save and restore settings, calibrate input and output and log data to a CSV file. The DSCUSB Toolkit also features a real-time, scrolling, auto scaling trend chart that holds and displays up to 10,000 points. This allows engineers to monitor input signals in real time and gives them the information needed to adjust data rates and filters, if necessary.