Marsh Bellofram Introduces T39 Gas Pressure Regulator |

Marsh Bellofram Introduces T39 Gas Pressure Regulator

December 102014
Marsh Bellofram Introduces  T39  Gas Pressure Regulator

December 10, 2014 – Marsh Bellofram introduced Type T39 industrial gas pressure regulators, offering precision monitoring and control within control valve supply, instrumentation column, air set, downstream, low flow and other general purpose applications.

T39 Series includes one (1) ¼” inlet and three (3) ¼” outlet ports. Piping designs may be also be simplified by using any (or all) of the three available outlet ports. Bellofram T39 Series regulators are also available with choice of seat material, fitted for the application.

Standard Bellofram T39 Series regulators are available in six spring pressure ranges from 0-30 PSIG to 0-225 PSIG. This exceptionally broad offering allows for more precise downstream industrial gas regulation than can typically be achieved via a comparable standard industry unit. The bonny, bonnet and bonnet plug of the T39 Series are all constructed of brass. The regulators further incorporate 302 stainless steel diaphragms. Electroless nickel and stainless steel housings are available upon request. Each Bellofram T39 Series regulator also comes with a four-seat valve disc block. The block can be easily rotated 90° to provide a fresh valve disk sealing surface. Spare valve disks are provided. Regulators may also be easily converted from tamper-resistant to T-handle adjustment, or vice versa. Both adjustment assembly types are supplied as standard and are shipped along with the product.
Bellofram T39 Series industrial gas pressure regulators can also be modified for specialty service. Typical modifications can include, but are not limited to: inclusion of a 500 PSI outlet; dual inlet ports; nickel plated and stainless steel materials; and tapped vents on all stainless steel units. Please consult the factory for details.