Mencom Offers Custom Connectivity Solutions |

Mencom Offers Custom Connectivity Solutions

Mencom Offers Custom Connectivity Solutions

In the industrial manufacturing Industry, connectivity failures can lead to costly downtime, temporary outage, and in the worst case scenario, cause a line down situation in the facility.

 In most cases, the connectivity issues are caused by one of following conditions:

·         Small dusts or particles getting into threads and contacts between connectors

·         Liquids and chemicals causing corrosion of the connector

·         Damaged connectors and housings

If you are experiencing difficulties related to your connectivity, Mencom can provide you the solution to help you save money and time.

Flexible Custom Solution

Mencom has a team of engineers with decades of experience. Combined with a progressive manufacturing facility. Mencom is able to assist your challenging connectivity issues with affordable costs and fast turnaround. From small changes to custom terminations and assemblies, Mencom is ready to provide you a solution.

-          Dust and water tight IP quick disconnect connectors

-          Multiple choice of materials for different environments

-          Armored cordsets and aggressive environment connectors

-          Custom length for cables and receptacle leads

-          Custom over-molding onto customer cables and sensors

-          Plug & Play customization  - to meet your spec

-          Adding ring terminals, spade terminals, ferrules

-          And more

These are just a few examples of the value added features Mencom can offer. Please visit to see what solutions Mencom can provide for your complicated connectivity issue.