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Metal Double Sheet Detection

February 232016

Roland Electronic develops and manufactures highly specialised systems for factory automation and quality control. Roland is the global market leader for Double Sheet Detection, Weld Seam Detection, and Inductive Steel Cord Inspection for tyre production and non-destructive material testing.

Roland is proudly ‘Made in Germany’, guaranteeing superb standards of manufacturing quality, innovation and customer focus.

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Double Sheet Detection

When sheets and blanks are fed into processing machines, it’s necessary to prevent two or more sheets inadvertently entering the machine because this can cause damage to the machine, resulting in expensive repairs and loss of production.

Double Sheet Detection Systems are therefore a necessary part of automated sheet metal processing. This even applies to the mass production of food and beverage cans and hot water tanks.

Roland Double Sheet Detection Systems have proved reliability in many thousand installations worldwide.

Weld Seam Detection

The improvement of welding methods, combined with the widespread use of laser welding and subsequent treatments, such as annealing and coating, have made automatic detection and positioning of weld seams in tubes for subsequent processing steps (such as tube bending and hydroforming) a difficult task.

Therefore, the use of specifically designed sensors in conjunction with digital signal analysis with microprocessors or PC based systems has dramatically gained in popularity.