Metso "furnishes" Fractionator laboratory fiber analyzer |

Metso "furnishes" Fractionator laboratory fiber analyzer

Metso "furnishes" Fractionator laboratory fiber analyzer

June 13, 2014 - Metso introduces the Fractionator automated laboratory analyzer that classifies and measures fiber furnish characteristics to optimize paper, board or tissue production. The highly repeatable results can significantly reduce trial times and simplify furnish or process troubleshooting.

The analyzer replaces time-consuming and laborious laboratory Bauer-McNett analyses and makes it possible to separately measure fibers and free ink particles in recycled pulp to evaluate the quality of slushing and deinking processes. By separating fibers and fillers, the analyzer also improves the understanding of the effectiveness of different retention chemicals. A typical measurement takes only four minutes, with no need for special sample preparation.

Unlike Metso’s other automatic fiber or pulp quality measurements, the solution utilizes tube flow fractionation to sort furnish particles according to dimension and specific surface area before the measurements.

Tube flow fractionation technology is based on controlling the flow profile, where the flow rate is higher in the center of the tube than near the tube walls. Particles with larger dimensions and specific surface area are captured by the faster moving middle zone of the flow, whereas particles with a relatively small diameter and specific surface area tend to move towards the slower moving zones in the flow. An image analysis at the end of the tube first sees the larger vessel fragments, then fibers, followed by fillers and fines. Additional measurements with optional ink and high-definition fiber cameras are available.