Mettler Toledo introduces 30000CS Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer |

Mettler Toledo introduces 30000CS Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer

April 4, 2017 – METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics announced the launch of an on-line instrument for direct measurement of corrosive ions found in power plant water and steam.

Chlorides and sulfates cause pitting and stress corrosion in expensive power plant components such as turbines and boilers, leading to extensive maintenance and unplanned shutdowns. Monitoring these ions at low ppb levels has therefore been identified as key measurements in power plant chemistry.

The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 3000CS Analyzer provides on-line, trace-level chloride and sulfate measurements for corrosion control. The 3000CS uses microfluidic capillary electrophoresis, an ionic separation technology, to provide an alternative to off-line methods such as ion chromatography and inductively coupled plasma.

The unit features semi-automatic calibration and an intuitive touchscreen interface, allowing operation without the need for extensive training. METTLER TOLEDO's Intelligent Sensor Management technology in the analyzer provides diagnostics that predict when maintenance or replacement of consumables will be required.