METTLER TOLEDO introduces SWD440 weigh modules

METTLER TOLEDO introduces SWD440 weigh modules
July 18, 2010 – METTLER TOLEDO introduces the SWD440 dual-ended-beam weigh module. The SWD440 weigh modules are for general-purpose weighing of tanks, hoppers, and OEM machinery. They use dual-ended-beam load cells to deliver accurate and repeatable weighing.

The SWD440 is available in painted carbon steel or glass bead blasted stainless steel mounting hardware. Carbon steel assemblies are provided with the nickel-plated alloy steel model SLD431 load cell, while stainless steel assemblies use the stainless steel model SLD530/SLD531 load cell. They feature a dual-ended-beam design with potted seals that provide IP67 protection.

SWD440 weigh module assemblies are available in 5,000 lb through 250,000 lb capacities.

Most load cells are NTEP Certified per Class III and IIIL legal for trade requirements. In addition, all load cells meet hazardous area requirements with Factory Mutual Entity approval in both the US and Canada. The high impedance load cell (700 ohm) results in low voltage drop in hazardous areas.