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Microchip introduces MCP39F511 Power Monitoring IC

Microchip introduces MCP39F511 Power Monitoring IC

April 21, 2015 -  Microchip Technology introduces MCP39F511 Power Monitoring IC that provides real-time measurement of AC power. It makes power calculations, making it ideal for use in high-performance commercial and industrial products such as lighting and heating systems, smart plugs, power meters and AC/DC power supplies.

MCP39F511 power-monitoring IC provides import and export of active energy accumulation, four-quadrant reactive energy accumulation, zero-crossing detection and dedicated PWM output, along with the ability to measure active, reactive and apparent power, RMS current and RMS voltage, line frequency, and power factor.

The device is capable of just 0.1 % error across a wide 4000:1 dynamic range.  Additionally, its 512 bytes of EEPROM allow operating-condition storage.  The MCP39F511 also includes two 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs with 94.5 dB of SINAD performance, a 16-bit calculation engine, and a flexible two-wire interface.  A low-drift voltage reference, in addition to an internal oscillator, is integrated to reduce implementation costs.  This unique combination of features and performance allows designers to add highly accurate power-monitoring functions to their end applications with minimal firmware development, speeding development time.

The MCP39F511 is priced at $1.82 each, in 5,000-unit quantities.