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Microchip releases USB 3.0 Smart Hubs

Microchip releases USB 3.0 Smart Hubs

June 3, 2015 - Microchip releases USB5734 and USB5744 USB 3.0 Smart Hubs that integrate system-level functions typically associated with a separate MCU or processor.

The USB 3.0 Smart Hubs enable host and device port swapping, I/O bridging, and various other serial communication interfaces.  The USB5734 and USB5744 feature an integrated microcontroller  that enables functionality for USB hubs while lowering overall BOM costs and reducing software complexity.  The USB5734/44 family is USB-IF logo certified (TID 330000058) and features signal integrity enabling more robust PCB designs and reducing sensitivities to cable, connector and layout variations.

A Smart Hub is a USB hub that integrates system-level functions typically associated with a separate MCU or processor. USB 3.0 Smart hubs enable the upstream host controller to communicate to numerous types of external peripherals beyond the USB connection through direct bridging from USB to I2C, SPI, UART and GPIO interfaces.  This integrated functionality can greatly reduce the complexity of system design by eliminating the need for additional external microcontroller, while providing improved control from the USB host hardware.

FlexConnect technology provides the USB5734 Smart Hub the ability to dynamically swap between a USB host and a USB device through hardware and/or software system commands giving the new USB host access to downstream resources.  This same FlexConnect technology can also switch common downstream resources between two different USB hosts.  Incorporating FlexConnect into a system simplifies the overall software requirements of the primary host, as class drivers  and application software stay local to the Device-turned-Host. 

System developers can easily configure ports and choose application settings with low-cost resistor bootstraps.  If more advanced functionality is required, the USB5734/44 can be configured and programmed with Microchip's configuration tool, ProTouch2.

The USB5734 and USB5744 USB 3.0 controller hubs serve a wide range of applications in the computing, embedded, medical, industrial and networking markets.  Examples of end applications include HDTV, tablets, notebooks, eReaders, cameras, docking stations, monitors, handheld devices, point-of-sale equipment, As, set-top boxes, break-out boxes, motion sensors, among others.