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Microflex Releases 101-0019 USB to RS-485 Converter

Microflex Releases 101-0019 USB to RS-485 Converter

March 31, 2016- Microflex’s new model 101-0019, DIN rail-mounted USB to RS-485 Converter combines the security of galvanic isolation with the convenience of DIN rail mounting.

Providing the connection interface between a computer’s USB port and 2-wire RS-485 devices, its USB virtual serial port drivers make this converter compatible with most software developed for RS-232 serial com ports.

Powered by a PC or laptop’s USB port, it requires no external power supply, and includes a pluggable screw terminal for field RS-485 bus connections. Additionally, it automatically manages the switching between receive and transmit, so RTS (request to send) is not needed – maximizing compatibility. 

Its design makes it ideal for systems where the ground loop may be broken, allowing for large common mode voltage variation, with transient immunity up to 30kv/us. It includes ESD protection on the transceiver of ±15kV HBM and 2500VRMS galvanic isolation between the line transceiver and USB logic. Glitch free power up/down permits live insertion or removal, without the need to interrupt or interfere with ongoing processes.

This USB to RS-485 converter is part of Microflex’s RS-485 Converter series, which provides technicians a means of 2-wire RS-485 communication between their devices.

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