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Microflex releases Field Tools Loop Power Supply

October 082015
Microflex releases Field Tools Loop Power Supply

October 8, 2015  - Microflex releases Field Tools Loop Power Supply that provides simple power for loop transmitter field calibrations and testing.

When a 4-20mA loop transmitter is calibrated or configured it requires a 24 volt power supply – often in remote field locations without easy access to AC power. Additionally, the standard setup includes separate clip leads connecting the power supply, a loop resistor, current meter and possibly a HART protocol modem to the transmitter. All these connections are potential sources of trouble.

This complete loop power supply solution provides a safer and more reliable alternative to traditional improvised and temporary solutions and saves users the time and effort expended in troubleshooting their calibration setup. The Loop Power Supply is a highly filtered 24V, 30mA power source – perfect for 4-20mA loop transmitters.

All connection leads are part of the unit so they are always there – eliminating the need for extra test leads or alligator clips. A 250 ohm loop resistor is included internally, further reducing external connections. Clip points across the loop resistor make attaching a HART protocol modem quick and simple. The Loop Power Supply has a long battery life, greater than 6 hours at 12mA load, and the batteries can be replaced with easy to find, low costs, standard ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries. Being battery powered eliminates galvanic isolation concerns. The unit is supplemented with an LED Status Indicator and is protected by a hard plastic enclosure. The output is also short circuit protected.