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Miki Pulley introduces CYT micro clutches

February 272017
Miki Pulley introduces CYT micro clutches

February 27, 2017 -  Miki Pulley introduced its CYT Micro Clutches. These CYT Clutches are designed for compact precision applications and may be mounted to a driven shaft.  Further custom variants can be realized by pairing  a sprocket, timing pulley, V-belt pulley or shaft to the armature.

Miki Pulley CYT Clutches accurately connect and release power by being located between the input shaft and the load. The CTY stator is a bearing mounted type of clutch. It provides a connection between a motor and a load.

Two CYT Clutch models are available to accommodate different RPM ranges: a dry metal type and a ball bearing type. In addition, three types of armature configurations are available for pulleys, gears and for combining both on shafts.

The clutch assembly features an integrated bearing design. CYT Clutches operate well in temperatures from +14°F to +104°F  (-10°C to +40°C). They have a speed range up to 3600 RPM.  

Available in bores ranging from 6 mm to 10 mm, with clutch torques ranging from 0.3 ft. lbs. to 0.74 ft. lbs. (0.4 Nm – 1.0 Nm). The CYT Clutch utilizes corrosion resistant materials, and is RoHS compliant like all Miki Pulley products.