Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces MMP-T32 motor controller |

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces MMP-T32 motor controller

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces MMP-T32 motor controller

May 14, 2014 – Mitsubishi Electric Automation announces MMP-T32 motor controller with low voltage circuit breakers and thermal overload relays to protect the motor branch circuits from overload or phase loss during short-circuit conditions.  As a single, comprehensive unit, the MMP-T32 provides more secure wiring and motor protection than a standard motor starter.

In the company's standard motor starter, the motor circuit includes low voltage circuit breakers, a magnetic contactor, and thermal overload relays as individual devices. Each device performs independent functions such as disconnection, circuit on/off switching, short-circuit protection, device protection, motor control, and overload protection. The MMP-T32 motor controller incorporates low voltage circuit breakers and thermal overload relays in a single unit for greater motor protection than a standard motor starter, while reducing the number of required devices and eliminating about 50 percent of the wiring.

In addition to using the MMP-T32 motor controller to manually start or disconnect a motor, it can also be used as an IEC circuit breaker (IEC60947-2) or a UL60947-4-1A type E self-protected manual motor controller. The MMP-T32 can also function as a UL60947-4-1A type F self-protected combination motor controller when paired with Mitsubishi Electric MS-T series magnetic contactors.

The new motor controller is ideally suited for OEMs and panel shops that want to downsize their motor control panels and reduce wiring time.


“Our newest motor controller not only increases wire efficiency, but also reduces the size of machine control panels,” said Christopher Rhodes, product marketing engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “The MMP-T32 can save money and space because it reduces the number of applicable devices in a basic motor circuit configuration, as well as most of the wiring.”

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