Molex releases EdgeMate Wire-to-Edgecard Power Connectors |

Molex releases EdgeMate Wire-to-Edgecard Power Connectors

October 172014
Molex releases EdgeMate Wire-to-Edgecard Power Connectors

October 17, 2014– Molex announced 3.96mm pitch EdgeMate Wire-to-Edgecard Power Connectors that eliminate the need for mating headers, resulting in cost and time savings. This system supports power applications of up to 7.0A with UL 94V-2 flammability rating requirements. It is available in 2 to 12 circuits with positive lock housings and 3 to 12 circuits for housings without lock. This connector family also includes bifurcated terminals which allow secondary current paths for high electrical reliability. Terminals are used with 18 to 20 AWG wires. For manufacturers in the appliance, industrial and lighting industry, the greatest benefits are reduced inventory, bill-of-material, and manufacturing costs.

The EdgeMate Wire-to-Edgecard power connectors offer a revolutionary direct mount onto a PCB without additional processes. The hallmark feature is a positive locking mechanism that can hook onto the PCB and ensure the terminals mate to card contacts, allowing the assembly to function in high shock and vibration environments.

The polarized housing in combination with the polarized crimp terminal helps ensure insertion of terminals in the correct orientation, something not offered by competing products.  The terminals also cantilever beams and dual contact points for a reliable electrical connection. The result is a smaller, lighter and more economical electrical system that can provide a reduction of material, inventory and manufacturing costs. Connectors are also available without locking features for added design flexibility.