Molex releases Plateau HS Dock+T Connector System |

Molex releases Plateau HS Dock+T Connector System

Molex releases Plateau HS Dock+T Connector System

April 22, 2014 – Molex introduces Plateau HS Dock+ Connector System for networks  that require higher data rates with superior signal integrity to meet the growth in networking and wireless device markets. Plateau HS Dock+ high-speed docking connectors have a plated-plastic housing for signal integrity (SI) performance and multiple options for application design flexibility.

Molex utilizes Plateau Technology (a plated gold housing) to create a high-speed docking connector system for differential and single-ended applications. These fully shielded connectors have a contact design that allows four levels of mating (first-mate/last-break) with a compliant pin for the printed circuit board (PCB) interface. With a low-mating force, guide features, various offset heights, and the ability to mate in a standard coplanar or inverted coplanar position, this high-speed docking connector system is ideal for PCB-blade (option card) to PCB-midplane (host) applications.

Plateau HS Dock+ connectors have other performance-improving features such as a smaller press-fit pin on the PCB terminal and shorter terminal stub in mating interface to tighten impedance. In addition, slots and ribs added to the shroud and the plug housing improve insertion and return loss by 50% at 10GHZ, while additional ground pins and standoffs on lower housing reduce cross-talk and return loss by 30% at 10GHz.


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