Mosaic Industries announces Conductivity Sensing I/O Board |

Mosaic Industries announces Conductivity Sensing I/O Board

August 062014
Mosaic Industries announces Conductivity Sensing I/O Board

August 6, 2014 - Mosaic Industries introduced Conductivity Sensing Wildcard, for measuring conductivity in aqueous solutions. This  2" by 2.5" board connects to Mosaic embedded computers, microcontrollers and instrument controllers.

The Conductivity Sensing Wildcard is a precision instrument for measuring the electrical conductivity of ionic solutions. It converts the solution conductivity to an analog voltage that is precisely measured by a Mosaic controller.

The Conductivity Sensing Wildcard measures the ability of a solution to conduct an electric current between two electrodes. In solution, the current flows by ionic transport and consequently, an increasing concentration of ions results in higher conductivity.

The Conductivity Sensing Wildcard can be used to measure either solution conductivity or total ion concentration of aqueous samples for analytical investigation or process measurement.

Among a wide range of applications, to name a few, the Conductivity Sensing Wildcard allows users to measure the concentration of unknown samples in an aqueous solution; qualitatively compare the difference between the ionic and molecular nature of substance in aqueous solution, including differences in strength of weak acids and bases, or the number of ions that an ionic substance dissociates into per formula unit. It can also measure changes in conductivity resulting from photosynthesis in aquatic plants, or monitor the rate of a chemical reaction in which dissolved ions and solution conductivity varies with time. Other applications may include a conductivity titration to find when stoichiometric quantities of two substances have been combined; or monitoring total dissolved solids in an aquarium containing aquatic plants and animals, as their concentrations change with photosynthesis or respiration.