Moxa introduces ioPAC 5542-HSPA cellular RTU |

Moxa introduces ioPAC 5542-HSPA cellular RTU

August 222014
Moxa introduces ioPAC 5542-HSPA cellular RTU

August 22, 2014 - Moxa introduced ioPAC 5542-HSPA, a compact hardened cellular RTU controller designed to provide remote network connectivity and data acquisition to critical edge devices. It combines the features of a Data Logger, Cellular Modem, Serial Gateway, Remote IO, and an Embedded Computer into one, empowering users to monitor critical remote field devices by relaying status information over the internet via a cellular connection back to a central operation center.
Robust hardware leverages solid PCB components and an industrial-grade cellular module to provide a -30°C to 75°C operating temperature range, plus it is backed by a 5 year warranty. The device is compliant to UL/cUL Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 certified for deployment in oil and gas facilities.
ioPAC 5542-HSPA leverages a multi-processor design; an ARM9 to manage the core Linux operating system and an ARM Cortex-M4 to manage the IO sampling sub-system. This combination allows the device to push data from sensors as high as 2000 samples/second (2kHz) across all channels -- 250Hz/Channel if all analog channels enabled -- allowing users to receive tightly spaced information from sensors and transducers. In addition, the device data logs millisecond, time-stamped analog samples to a discrete memory buffer that allows users to selectively "go back in time" to capture transducers samples when necessary around a discrete event input. This helps users piece together a Sequence of Events (SOE) around an alarm event.
To complement its hardware platform, the ioPAC includes a suite of software tools for both systems integrators (SI) as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). It is equipped with a pre-loaded ARM-Linux operating system (OS) and a cross-compile tool-chain for developers to build their own custom applications. This provides users with the flexibility to customize the ioPAC to integrate with existing data infrastructures and legacy devices. Custom protocols can be developed for the dual 10/100 Base Ethernet ports and the two 3-in-1 serial ports.
Basic Modbus and ActiveTAG API Libraries are included to help integrators get their applications quickly past the basic code components so they can focus on building value to customers. In addition, higher API functions for pre-recording event buffers, millisecond scale timestamps, counter functions, and more are also included. For System Integrators, the ioPAC is also available with an IEC-61131-3 runtime pre-installed and bundled with ISaGRAF 6.3 for control code development in common languages like function block, structured text, and ladder logic. Moxa is also providing ActiveOPC Server for Windows, which allows the ioPAC to integrate with existing OPC DA 3.0 and ODBC linked data bases while catching Active TAGs from Moxa's ioLogik line of I/O devices.