MTS introduces Temposonics A-Series Linear Encoder |

MTS introduces Temposonics A-Series Linear Encoder

September 172014
MTS introduces Temposonics A-Series Linear Encoder

September 17, 2014 - MTS Systems introduced the Temposonics A-Series “Duo” Linear Encoder for manufacturers that need more robust position and velocity control in electric and linear motors. The sensor includes both an incremental interface and absolute Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) output in a single sensor housing.

The A-Series offers several significant advantages, including improved shock and vibration resistance, low failure rates, and easier/less expensive design and installation.

The A-Series offers two output channels. The incremental interface (either TTL quadrature or 1 Vpp sin/cos) provides position and velocity feedback for the motor, while the SSI output provides absolute linear position of the sensor. Absolute positioning means there is never a need for calibration or reference moves after a power cycle. Combined with the non-contact sensor technology,  this can dramatically decrease installation and maintenance costs in applications.

Additionally, the A-Series can also help manufacturers lower their operating costs. The Temposonics technology used in the A-Series does not require air plumbing, covers or moving cables, making these encoders easier to install and maintain. With magnetostrictive position sensors, there are no requirements for periodic cleaning or calibration.