mySCADA introduces version 7.0.14 of flagship software |

mySCADA introduces version 7.0.14 of flagship software

December 122016
mySCADA introduces version 7.0.14 of flagship software

December 12, 2016 - mySCADA released version 7.0.14 of its flagship software offering. This software represents the reintegration of the communication driver (SigFox) to the mySCADA software. The synergy enables data visualization from any place, regardless of where the SigFox network is.

Version 7.0.14 comes with a revised user manual, adding explanatory videos for each part. Multilanguage support allows translatiton to different language versions. The user can switch the languages “on the fly” in myDESIGNER.

mySCADA engineers also added native support for databases. Visualizing and working with data is designed to shorten time requirements and facilitate work processes with major database support including: Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, mySQL, Oracle and ODBC and that is useful for ERP systems such as SAP.

Version 7.0.14 also has data-logging options including the filtering of data based on any column, the computation of aggregates, the ability to group data by multiple columns, and the display  values/strings/dates in the data-log view.

mySCADA added a “one click function” that allows integrated periodic exporting into CSV and Microsoft Power BI. This step opens the door for access to data interpretation for any user. The periodic overview of the processes can be automatically sent to anywhere location

mySCADA also improved the components library and filled it with items intended to reduce the project creation time.