Nachi Releases MZ07 Robot |

Nachi Releases MZ07 Robot

Nachi Releases MZ07 Robot

June 27, 2014  Nachi Robotic Systems introduces MZ07 Series ultra high-speed Robots. The MZ07 robot arm features ultra high-speed motion capability with advanced through-arm dress capabilities to simplify routing of hoses and cables for material handling, assembly, vision and many other applications. Boasting an IP67 rating, the MZ07 robot has 0.31 second cycle time in standardized speed testing.

Flexible mounting solutions allow the MZ07 to be floor, wall, or invert mounted to better suit customers needs for a nygiven application. As the newest addition to Nachi’s comprehensive robot lineup, the MZ07 builds on the great heritage of large payload robots by providing an extremely versatile small robot with top of the line capabilities.

Controller size has been significantly reduced with the introduction of the Nachi Compact FD (CFD) Controller. The PC sized CFD Controller features 200 -230v (single phase or 3 phase), IP20 protection level and a new miniature teach pendent (miniTP).

In addition to the ergonomic size offered by the CFD controller, system backups can now be created directly to USB media devices ensuring production programs will never be compromised.

The Nachi Smart Teach Pendent (SmartTP) is also available providing full color graphical touch screen robot control functionality for ultimate ease of use .Also available on the MZ07 robot system is a 120v control package expanding the application range even further. The MZ07 can be installed anywhere making it an ideal solution for universities, training facilities, R&D laboratories, or anyone without access to commercial power.

Application possibilities are endless and applied seamlessly with advanced Nachi Software Packages including palletizing, force sensing, vision sensing, line tracking conveyor synchronization, material handling, and many more.