Nanotech announces PD6-C DC servo motor |

Nanotech announces PD6-C DC servo motor

September 112015
Nanotech announces PD6-C DC servo motor

September 11, 2015 - Nanotech announces PD6-C brushless DC servo motor has an integrated motor controller.

The PD6-C is available in two versions – as a high-pole stepper motor in various lengths with a maximum nominal torque of 8.8 Nm, as well as a low-pole BLDC motor with a flange size of 80 or 86 mm and a nominal output of 534 W. Both motor types are designed for 12-48 V supply voltages.

The motor controller and the encoder with 4096 increments are integrated in the motor, therefore cabling is limited to the communication connection and power supply. The motors use field-oriented control via encoder and can be operated in torque, speed, or positioning mode. Reference values are set either by clock-direction, two analog inputs, or the CANopen field bus. The controller is programmed with the programming language NanoJ V2 so that real-time programs for time-critical applications can be run directly on the motor. In stand-alone operation the motor will carry out complex control tasks without a field bus connection. For parameterization a USB port is available.

The PD6-C is suitable for applications that require high power density and high efficiency as well as compact size, for example in service robotics or mechanical engineering.