NetBeez updates Performance Alerts network software reports |

NetBeez updates Performance Alerts network software reports

October 272014
NetBeez updates Performance Alerts network software reports

October 27, 2014 – NetBeez software adds Performance alerts and Service Level Agreements reports.

NetBeez is a distributed network monitoring tool that uses dedicated hardware agents (BEEZ) to measure end-to-end network availability and performance. The BEEZ are managed by the central server installed on-premise as a virtual machine or physical appliance based on customer’s requirements. The solution is vendor agnostic and designed to be easily installed on network infrastructures that extend across multiple network locations and segments.

A BEEZ  is a small plug-and-play appliance that measures 3.5” x 2.5” x 1.0”. It runs continuous network tests on other BEEZ and/or third-party IP hosts and generates accurate real-time measurements of round trip time and packet loss. The network test data is permanently stored on the central server, where it can be displayed on the browser-based dashboard, and used to detect network failures and performance degradations issues.

Performance alerts are triggered based on specific user-defined thresholds (e.g. over one minute packet loss is greater than 5%) or historical baseline (e.g. 15 minute average round trip time is higher than monthly average). The alerts are displayed on the NetBeez dashboard and can be sent via email or SNMP to the end user. This feature enables NetBeez users to proactively monitor the reliability and availability of the underlying IP infrastructure and detect anomalies that may impact the operations of the network.

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) reporting feature lets the user generate daily, weekly, and monthly performance reports. The user can also define a custom time window for the report. This feature is useful for monitoring and enforcing service level agreements with network providers or internal systems. IT managers and operations controllers can get from NetBeez all the data that is necessary to identify locations or network segments that underperform or that don’t conform to specific requirements.