New price class of eddy current displacement sensors |

New price class of eddy current displacement sensors

October 012015
New price class of eddy current displacement sensors

The new eddyNCDT 3001 is a cost-effective eddy current sensor with housing that has to date only been reserved for inductive sensors and proximity sensors. This compact sensor comes with integrated electronics including temperature compensation, offering an excellent price/performance ratio, as well as easy operation. The high measurement accuracy and linearity as well as the high frequency response rate of 5 kHz are outstanding characteristics compared to other sensors in the same price class. The sensors are factory-calibrated for ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals in the measuring range of 4 mm. The sensors are protected to IP67. As the sensors are easy to use and cost-effective, they are particularly suitable for standard production in OEM applications. The new DT3001series opens up new application fields for the Micro-Epsilon product range based on the eddy current principle.

Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure displacement, distance, position, oscillations, vibrations, etc. Non-contact eddy current sensors offer extremely precise measurements where sub-micron accuracy is required. Modifications to the standard eddy current sensors are often required, particularly for mid-size and large series.What can be modified? Sensors can be adapted in many different ways to suit customer-specific applications e.g. changes to the cable, sensor material and design, and to the controller. Customized sensors can be produced efficiently, which results in considerable cost reductions.