NEXCOM IoT Gateway Spurs A Cross-Industry Revolution with Smart Operations |

NEXCOM IoT Gateway Spurs A Cross-Industry Revolution with Smart Operations

NEXCOM IoT Gateway Spurs A Cross-Industry Revolution with Smart Operations

NEXCOM IoT gateway NISE 50 carries remote monitoring and big data analysis into effect, bringing enterprises great value for money with reduced machine downtime, significant energy savings, and increased operational efficiency. Powered by Intel Atom processor E3826, the NISE 50 offers data acquisition, edge computing, and cloud integration with a thin client and provides an easy way to scale IoT applications with optional NEXCOM IoT Studio, helping enterprises implement continuous improvement across organizations.

To inject intelligence into daily operations, the IoT gateway NISE 50 is equipped with dual-core Intel Atom processor E3826, cloud connectivity, and a variety of I/Os for data collection and preliminary data processing. The collected and processed data can be stored locally or uploaded to cloud platforms, such as Microsoft® Azure™, IBM Bluemix®, and SAP HANA® for further analysis. To create seamless end-to-end connections between devices and cloud services, NEXCOM IoT Studio is available to help users deploy hundreds of thousands of units of NISE 50 with ease. On the premises the IoT gateway NISE 50 can communicate with sensors, devices, cameras, and systems to give real-time updates and visuals on onsite activities and health status of industrial facilities. Integrated with cloud platforms, the NISE 50 can put data to archive in both public and private clouds, enable enterprises to oversee branch operations remotely, and incorporate big data analysis to convert data into actionable plans, improving overall business performance by addressing a potential problem early rather than later.

The NISE 50 has reached large-scale deployment in real-world scenarios. For instance, a smart factory has scattered NISE 50s on its production lines to collect and send manufacturing statistics to Microsoft Azure to help craft plans for preventive maintenance. Aiming to curtail overall power consumption, a retailer has built a chain of smart stores embedded with NISE 50s which assist the retailer in piecing together power usage patterns based on assorted sensor data and CCTV images from branch stores. The NISE 50 is also used for centralized monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting, industrial fluids, and access control, ushering in the transformation of smart buildings.