Nexen releases Versa thermoplastic rack |

Nexen releases Versa thermoplastic rack

Nexen releases Versa thermoplastic rack

June 26, 2015 - Nexen Group introduces the Versa thermoplastic rack, an alternative to traditional metal racks that delivers high corrosion resistance, durability,low maintenance requirements, medium accuracy and load-carrying capacity at a relatively low cost point.

The Versa Rack is suitable for applications such as CNC routers and conveyers, as well as many picking, part-marking and gantry-based automation systems. (CNC routers are typically used for cutting wood, composites and plastic, which can generate large volumes of chips that can interfere with the lubrication of steel racks.)

Made of self-lubricating polymer, the Versa Rack is able to run at full speed without additional lubrication. It can easily withstand washdown, outdoors operation (even in coastal climates with salty air), and other challenges, making it an economical option for usage in dirty environments, clean rooms, food/pharmaceutical production.

The Versa Rack features backlash less than 3.2 um and positional accuracy of +/- 580 um, depending on the pinion selected. It can be used with any of Nexen’s pinions – lowest costs can be obtained with Nexen’s value pinion while higher performance is available with any of Nexen’s premium pinions. The Versa Rack withstands loads of 500 to 1200 Newtons depending on pinion size. The speed rating of value pinions and thermoplastic racks is 480 to 750 rpms and 2 m/s.