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NK Technologies introduces AT/ATR-FD current transducers

NK Technologies introduces AT/ATR-FD current transducers

July 27, 2016 – NK Technologies introduces the AT/ATR-FD Series Current Transducer. An aperture with a 1.31” inside diameter accommodates wire sizes for loads up to 400 amps – facilitating the feeding of wires through the sensing window for installation in applications with multiple conductors per phase. The sensor is compact (similar in size to a standard sensor case) and can be mounted on a back panel or DIN rail. It is compatible with most automation and control systems

AT/ATR-FD Series features include:

  • 4-20mA analog signal proportional to AC current
  • Available in both average responding and True RMS models
  • Simple and reliable 2-wire loop powered connection
  • Choice of 0-200, 300 or 400 amps
  • Factory calibrated with 5-year warranty
  • DIN rail or panel mount

The AT/ATR-FD Series is ideal for applications such as:

  • Monitoring Large Machines: Detect over/under-current conditions before breakdowns occur
  • Water Delivery/Treatment: Detect open discharge lines, locate clogged filters and blocked intake to pumps, and measure increased current to show failing bearings or pump impeller cavitation
  • Generators: Shed noncritical loads when demand reaches set level