Noax Technologies releases C21 Industrial PC |

Noax Technologies releases C21 Industrial PC

Noax Technologies releases C21 Industrial PC

June 11, 2014 - Noax Technologies releases C21 Industrial PC with a large 21.5" display in full HD. The enhanced display makes the touchscreen interface easier to use.

Thanks to its large surface area, the high-definition screen allows the information displayed to be recognized quickly to speed up workflow operations. The ability to visualize important information in a production environment helps considerably when it comes to increasing productivity and accelerating processes. The higher resolution format is particularly well-suited to applications where display quality is essential, for example in quality control testing for the automobile industry.

The C21 offers slots for plug-in cards or additional ports for PCI, PCIe and mini-PCIe. In addition, there is a secured USB port on the front of the Industrial PC for uses such as transferring software updates.The administrator can use the noax NSetup tool to ensure that only authorized persons can use this USB port. In order to have current data available any time under different circumstances, the new C21 offers two ethernet ports, integrated WLAN antennas, integrated Bluetooth, and mobile wireless capability. In addition, freely programmable function keys are available to start frequently used functions or switch between applications quickly.