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OCEANSOFT introduces Cobalt L3 data logger

November 212016
OCEANSOFT introduces Cobalt L3 data logger

November 21, 2016 – OCEASOFT, designer of connected wireless sensors for the health, life sciences, agri-food, transportation, and logistics sectors, expanded its solution offering with its Cobalt L3 products.             

The third generation of OCEASOFT’s Cobalt monitoring solutions, the Cobalt L3 datalogger was designed according to LoRa Alliance specifications, offering long-range wireless communication up to 15 km, network infrastructure with one data collection point, transmission quality and data access.

The Cobalt L3 delivers the monitoring capabilities of OCEASOFT’s existing Cobalt sensors, for monitoring temperature and humidity, while providing connectivity to OCEASOFT’s Cloud service, OCEACloud. This approach simplifies sensor set-up and commissioning, while extending battery life. Cobalt L3 features the OCEASOFT Smart-Sensors, plug & play intelligent sensors with on-board calibration parameters. The LoRaWAN wireless protocol enables sensor connectivity in isolated areas lacking local networks or conventional cell phone infrastructure. Data is uploaded automatically to OCEACloud, where users can access it using the responsive-design CobaltView web application on fixed and mobile platforms over the internet.