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Okuma announces LU4000 EX CNC Lathe

September 022014
Okuma announces  LU4000 EX CNC Lathe

September 2, 2014 - Okuma introduces LU4000 EX CNC lathe which utilizes two turrets, allowing two tools to work simultaneously, providing process flexibility as well as high removal rates. This machine is excellent for machining parts for the automotive industry. At IMTS this machine will be shown cutting a camshaft using Machining Navi for chatter reduction and tooling from Sandvik, a member of Partners in THINC.

The LU4000 EX incorporates a 45° “box bed” with all box way construction, three point bearing support for the spindle, crown gear turret coupling for both turrets, two power ranges and the Okuma THINC®-OSP control, providing a foundation for a long production life.

Key Features of the LU4000 EX CNC Lathe

Max Turning Diameter            mm (in)           Ø430 (Ø16.93) (upper turret)

                                                                        Ø280 (Ø11.02) (lower turret)

Spindle Nose Type                                         A2-8

Main Spindle Speed Range    min⁻¹               40~4,200

Milling Spindle Speed Range  min⁻¹               45~6,000

X/Z Axis Travel                       mm (in)           300 (11.81) / 740 (29.13) (upper turret)

                                                                        195 (7.68) / 700 (27.56) (lower turret)

Y Axis Travel                          mm (in)           140[+/-70] (5.51[+/-2.76])