Omron announces G9SE skinny safety relay |

Omron announces G9SE skinny safety relay

December 132015
Omron announces G9SE skinny safety relay

December 13, 2015 - Omron announces G9SE safety relay, a slim unit that significantly reduces installation and troubleshooting time/costs for machine builders.

The unit’s screw-less push-in terminal allows fast and easy installation, and with its slim profile it requires significantly less panel space. The troubleshooting process is simplified by the design and usage of intuitive diagnostic LEDs. G9SE is ideal for a wide range of safety input devices such as emergency stop switches, door switches and light curtains.

The G9SE’s front access terminals allow for fast installation of wiring. Studies show that wiring can be completed in less than half the time it takes to install models with conventional style terminal blocks. Front access also allows for the terminal references to be easily located reducing wiring errors.

The G9SE has five diagnostic indicators that show the status of the inputs, outputs and power (along with the ability to show setting errors with the off time delay models), which greatly reduces troubleshooting time.

Key features of the G9SE safety relay unit include:

  • Slim design (17.5 mm or 22.5 mm) to save mounting space
  • Modules with two or four safety contacts and OFF-delay timing available
  • Simple front-side wiring using screw-less terminals
  • 15ms max response time
  • Safe OFF delay function up to PLe
  • Certification for lift standards EN 81-1, EN 81-2
  • Up to PLe according to EN ISO13849-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 61508