Omron Introduces F3SG-4RA Safety Light Curtain |

Omron Introduces F3SG-4RA Safety Light Curtain

Omron Introduces F3SG-4RA  Safety Light Curtain

May 29, 2015 - Omron Automation and Safety introduces the F3SG-4RA series that meet all safety standards throughout the world to protect either finger or hands/arms. The IP67 wash-down rated light curtains are supported by  24-hour multi-language  online diagnostics that allow operators around the world to check error details in their local language.

This Global Safety Light Curtain allows OEMs producing machines in any industry to select one light curtain for all applications, regardless of where the machines may ship. One example that allows global machine standardization is the DIP-switch selectable PNP/NPN outputs in each unit..  To reduce wiring and installation time the unit comes with Smartclick connectors requiring just a 1/8 turn to get a secure and reliable IP67 connection. Mounting brackets that slide onto channels in the light curtain body allow positioning anywhere along its length without additional screws, washers and clamps to simplify and shorten installation. The wash-down resistant housing eliminates the need for separate protective tubing to comply with IP67 enclosure requirements. Access to a single safety light curtain applicable for global use allows the OEM to reduce costs based on standardization, simpler design, and manufacturing processes.

Online multi-language support allows operators to check error code details in 8 languages including: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German and Italian. To reduce end user production downtime, the machine builder can apply a QR sticker reflecting one of the 8 available languages on the product prior to shipping. This allows the operator with a tablet or smartphone to scan the QR code and receive online support and troubleshooting in their local language.