Omron introduces Mode E3Z-T61 photoelectric sensor |

Omron introduces Mode E3Z-T61 photoelectric sensor

August 302016
Omron introduces Mode E3Z-T61 photoelectric sensor

Omron’s Mode E3Z-T61 photoelectric sensor has a top-level sensing distance, and allows sensing distance to be as long as 30 m,its sensing method is through beam type(emitter Receiver),therefore can detect as small as 0.5 diameter object in 50 mm distance environment, with infrared led light source. The response time reach to 1 ms max. While that means it can detect 2000 pieces objects every second. There is a widely temperature operating range from −40 to 55°C. and it complete compliance with every international standard EU’s RoHS ,CE,CCC, AUV, etc. Its connection method is Pre -wired with M 8 connector. The sensor have incorrect wiring protection function, against sensor burning if people connect wire incorrect. You can change the cable very easily, Therefore which make you can adjust the length of cable. In conclusion,all the above advance features give the model E3Z-T61 a high reputation in factory automation market. Omron sold this model 1 million each year, much more that its competitor like Panasonic, Azbil etc. similar models. Omron Products are available now