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Optimal Engineering announces PH-ET "Pick & Hold" PWM Modules

August 192014
Optimal Engineering announces PH-ET  "Pick & Hold" PWM Modules

August 19, 2014 - Optimal Engineering Systems  announces PH-ET  "Pick & Hold" PWM Modules for solenoid control electronics.  In Pick & Hold applications a higher (Pick) force is required initially and then a switch is made to a lower continuous (Hold) force. 

PH-ET "Pick & Hold" module is easy to integrate into new and existing applications.  This module is based on a micro-controller that can easily be reprogrammed for an application for driving solenoids, valves, relays, actuators, DC motors including voice coil and moving magnet linear motors, hydraulics, electromagnets, and LEDs.

These PWM "Pick & Hold" modules operate on a single supply voltage from +9 VDC to +50 VDC.  "Holding" current is 4 Amps RMS with a peak or "Pick" current of 15 Amps for high force and/or acceleration. Higher current and voltages are also available.

Used with an SCC-01 Solenoid Controller Card from OES up to 16 "Pick & Hold" PWM Modules can be controlled.  In each unit a Snubber Diode is incorporated to suppress voltage spikes.  PH-ET "Pick & Hold" modules accepts a TTL command voltage of 0 to 3 VDC, or 4 to 20  mAmps signals. The pick voltage timing and hold voltage are easily adjusted using onboard potentiometers, and these modules are Eco-Friendly, RoHS compliant.