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ORing releases Ethernet Switches with backup

ORing releases Ethernet Switches with backup

April 18, 2014 - ORing Industrial Networking released Managed IES-A3000 Series and Unmanaged IES-A1000Series C1D2 Ethernet Switch: . Through ORing’s C1D2 certified Ethernet switches, users are able to deal with mass messages through real-time surveillance on telecommunication networks. When facing internet disconnections or power shutdown, O-Ring, a circular redundant technology, backs up with self-recovery time in less than 10ms for systems with less than 250 switches. This technology has improved the system’s flexibility as well as stability. Furthermore, all these products operate in wide temperatures (-40°C~70°C), catering to all harsh environments.

To ensure security and reliability of the system, ORing Industrial Networking Corp. has integrated a strong internet management system, Open-Vision_v3.6 into all managed IES-A3000 Ethernet switches. Each case will be distributed with a one-month free trial. By combining it with Google Map, users are allowed to manage the system from a far end with visual maps and survey the conditions of all Ethernet switches. In addition, real-time alarming system sends users direct warnings when problems pop up.

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